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Antique Billiard Tables & Antique Snooker Tables

We have available a number of period, contemporary and antique snooker tables for sale, together with antique billiard tables, pool tables and reconditioned snooker tables in various sizes, styles and timbers, including dual-purpose, convertible snooker and pool dining tables.  Many of these billiards & snooker tables, including some very important snooker tables with unique provenances, are complemented by matching scoreboards, cue stands and other snooker / billiards accessories.

Antique Snooker TableAntique Snooker TablesAntique Snooker Table

Antique Snooker TablesSnooker TablesAntique Snooker TableSnooker TablesAntique Billiard TablesSnooker Table

Antique Snooker TableSnooker TablesAntique Billiard TablesAntique Billiard TablesAntique Snooker TableAntique Snooker Tables

Antique Snooker TableReconditioned Snooker TablesAntique Billiard Tables

In our inventory at any one time are some very important snooker tables and billiard tables with unique provenances. 

Examples of some of these are featured below.  Please contact us regarding these tables and other examples regarding current availability.

Rare Gillows Billiard Table

Antique Billiard Tables for sale

We are pleased to offer for sale probably one of the rarest snooker  tables to come to the market in recent years.

This is a very unusual, if not unique and certainly important, Gillows snooker table in that its legs are far more substantial than the more usual slender ones of earlier snooker tables by the same maker.  The design and construction of this table indicates that it was built to support a slate bed rather than the usual wooden beds with which earlier Gillows snooker tables were normally associated.

The billiard table is in Oak and the legs are for the most part hexagonal in section.

The foot of each leg becomes square in section with carvings in relief of roses on each of the three outer faces, probably depicting the white rose of Yorkshire, the traditional county emblem where that table had its first home.  The billiard table bears the traditional, carved wooden Gillows manufacturer's plaque with its unique reference number, No. 1116. 

The table is complemented by its original Gillows Billiards/Life Pool Marker Board surmounting a combined glass-fronted ball box and stake compartment cabinet.  It also has a floor-standing, revolving cue stand, both of these pieces being also in Oak.  Also, there is an original oak-framed Gillows Rules of Billiards and a triangular ball carrier.  The existence of these accoutrements along with such a rare table make this a particularly valuable ensemble.

This genuinely rare and important billiard table has an impeccable provenance verifiable in records held in the National Archive, London.  It is a bespoke table specially designed and made in 1866 by Gillows for Mr Henry Burton-Peters, of Hotham Hall, North Cave, Yorkshire, who was at that time a former Member of Parliament for Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the north east of England.

The supporting provenance of this table includes a copy of the original drawing showing the design and construction of the table.  Also, there is a copy of the original bill of sale, listing the costs of each of the various specifications and giving a total cost of just over £24 for the table, which at the time was a significant amount of money, of course.

Enquiries regarding this very important billiard table are welcomed.

Adelina Patti Billiard Table 

Burroughes and Watts Antique Billiard Tables for sale

One such example is an unusual  Burroughes & Watts antique billiard table, dating back to 1885, in the Gothic style made from beautifully figured English oak, which belonged to the greatest opera diva of Victorian times, Madame Adelina Patti, a naturalised US citizen.  Madame Patti lived with her second husband, Count Ernesto Nicolini, himself a minor operatic tenor, most of the time in their favourite and main residence, a lavishly restored Gothic castle in south Wales between Brecon and Swansea called Craig-y-Nos, which still exists today, but as a private hotel.  Both shared a love of billiards and, no doubt influenced by her friendship with Queen Victoria who, along with her husband Prince Albert, was also a keen billiard player, Madame Patti followed the Queen in commissioning an  appropriately fine billiard table from Burroughes & Watts ®, holders of the Royal Warrant “Billiard Table Makers to Her Majesty the Queen” granted to the company by Queen Victoria.  This important billiard table with its accessories is currently available for sale.

Enquiries regarding this very important billiard table are welcomed.

The Churchill Snooker Table

Burroughes and watts Antique Snooker Table for sale

Another example is a beautiful Burroughes & Watts ® “tulip leg” snooker table in richly flamed Brazilian mahogany, upon which the famous British statesman and prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill, is said to have regularly played.  The snooker table took pride of place in a large country house in the English countryside in Staffordshire, which was owned by the General Electric Company, a major arms manufacturer during and after World War II.  The company used the house to accommodate VIP guests and clients who were there to observe its battle tank trials on a nearby range.  It is believed that on one occasion during his many stays there just after the Second World War, Churchill played a game of snooker for a modest wager against the then Soviet foreign minister, Molotov, who was also a house guest at the same time, and who was also responsible for arms procurement for the entire Soviet Union.  Apparently Churchill, who was more practiced in the game of snooker than Molotov, won the match and the wager.  

These are just two examples of antique snooker tables and billiard table with interesting provenance.  We also have several other antique billiard tables for sale, together with reconditioned snooker tables and other antique Burroughes and Watts billiards and snooker accessories, details of which are available on request.  Please refer to the relevant section of our website to see pictures of these and other tables.  As our inventory is continually changing, please contact us for up-to-date availability.



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