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Burroughes & Watts ® offers a full billiard table or snooker table removal, transportation and installation service to clients, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. 

A full export packing service is also available.  The dismantling, removal, transportation and installation of any slate bed snooker table or billiard table of whatever size and whatever make is best left to experts in order to achieve best results and avoid accidents and costly mistakes. 

Our billiards & snooker table technicians are experienced in the full process of moving snooker tables, which includes dismantling, transportation and erection of all makes and sizes of antique billiard tables, antique snooker tables and pool tables. 

We also offer fully-insured, secure, short- or long-term snooker table storage and billiard table storage facilities, ideal for clients who are moving home, having building work or alterations to their home carried out, etc.

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Quick guide to:  Required room space for various snooker table sizes.

In order to get maximum enjoyment from your snooker table or billiard table, it is important that the room space available is not only large enough to accommodate the table itself, but also that there is sufficient cueing space around its perimeter in order to play the game comfortably.  The following chart provides a guide to the size of room necessary to accommodate various sizes of table.

ROOM SIZE                                                            TABLE SIZE

22’ x 16’                                                                 12’ x 6’

21’ x 15’                                                                 11’ x 51/2’

20’ x 15’                                                                 10’ x 5’

19’ x 14’                                                                  9 x 41/2’

18’ x 14’                                                                  8’ x 4’

17’ x 14’                                                                  7’ x 31/2’

16’ x 13’                                                                  6’ x 3’

15’ x 13’                                                                  5’ x 21/2’

These dimensions should be regarded as the optimum room space required for each size of table.  If your available room size is less than the ideal shown for the size of table you require, shorter cues can be supplied without detracting unduly from the enjoyment of the game.  In fact, for smaller tables shorter cues are appropriate and often advisable.  If in doubt, we shall be pleased to advise you accordingly.

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