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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Burroughes & Watts® website - Finest Quality Snooker & Pool Cues, Accessories & Tables - BEWARE of imitations! ..deal directly through us - Finest Traditional English Craftsmanship - More than 175 Years of heritage behind the name - Specialists in Antique & Restored Tables, Hand-Made & Custom-Built Cues.

Since 1836 the greatest name in the history of cue sports.

Welcome to this the official Burroughes & Watts® heritage website.

Since the reign of Queen Victoria back in the 1800’s, the name Burroughes & Watts has been known all over the world as the greatest name in the history of cue sports – billiards, snooker and pool.  From magnificent antique billiards and snooker tables to superb, hand-made snooker and pool cues, the Burroughes & Watts name, long regarded as the Rolls Royce/Bentley of the trade, carries with it a tradition of excellence spanning almost two centuries.

We are proud to present to you our portfolio of goods and services founded on the history, heritage and traditional English craftsmanship for which the Burroughes & Watts name has long been famous and which still endures to this day. 

We specialise in the restoration of antique snooker tables; new and refurbished snooker and pool tables; dual-purpose billiard dining tables; all aspects of table sales and table brokerage; table servicing, maintenance and repairs; table removals, relocation and storage; billiard and snooker table valuations.  We also offer a full billiard room design service for clients, architects and designers.

We supply genuine English, hand-made snooker and pool cues, which can be custom-made to length, weight and tip size.  We offer a cue servicing and repair facility, including re-tipping.  We offer a free advice service to prospective cue customers to aid their cue selection.  Select a cue from our "Traditional Range" or discuss with us your requirements for that individually-designed "Special" cue - the choice is yours.

Also, in our special Heritage section, you can delve into the wealth of billiards and snooker history behind the Burroughes & Watts name.  There, you will find facts and images, dating back to when Burroughes & Watts was first established in London in 1836. 

Please click on to the relevant sections above for further information on our range of goods and services. We shall be pleased to help and advise you, without obligation, in finding your exact requirements.


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