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Burroughes & Watts is one of the oldest, most prestigious and best known names in billiards, snooker and pool. Originally founded in London in 1836, it soon flourished as a leading manufacturer of billiards tables, cues and accessories.


Burroughes & Watts helped pioneer the game of professional billiards and later professional snooker. In those early days and for many years to come, there was keen competition between the company and its rivals for the honour and kudos of providing the tables upon which the various championships, including the World Championships, were played

Burroughes & Watts thus gained a formidable reputation world-wide for the quality of its billiards tables, cues and accessories and by 1900, not only only did it have branches in many of the major cities in the U.K., it also had branches in many countries throughout the world, including India, China, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Ceylon, Malaysia, Burma, Chile, and the Canary Islands.

Such was the reputation of the Burroughes & Watts name that it received considerable royal patronage, especially from Queen Victoria, who was, together with her husband Prince Albert, a keen billiards player. She held the name in such high esteem that she bestowed a Royal Warrant on the company and it was thus appointed supplier of billiards tables to Her Majesty the Queen. Royal warrants quickly followed from the Prince of Wales, and later Kind Edward VII, the King of the Belgians and the King of Greece. As a result, even to this day, many of the royal palaces and even more of the stately homes in the UK as well as overseas, boast a Burroughes & Watts table.

Overseas, the company gained many prize medals at international fairs in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America for the quality of its products which in turn led to enormous world-wide recognition and exporting success.

Birth of the Game of Snooker - It is generally accepted that the game of Snooker was devised by a British Army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Neville Chamberlain, in 1883 when he was stationed at Ootacumund, or “Ooty” as it was popularly known, (modern Indian name Udagnamandalam), a hill station some 2,200 metres above sea level in the Nilgiri mountains in northern India.


The building that was then the Officers’ Mess is now known as the Ooty Club and in the billiard room there still stands the very same Burroughes & Watts table upon which the modern game of Snooker was born.


Forefathers of the modern game, legendary names in billiards such as John Roberts Jnr., Tom Reece and Melbourne Inman and later, in the 1920's, early snooker greats such as Walter Lindrum, Willie Smith, Clark McConachy, Tom Newman and arguably the greatest player ever, Joe Davis, all had connections with the company through using Burroughes & Watts cues and tables in their history making exploits. In fact the first ever professional snooker match, lasting a full week, to be played at a major London venue was staged at Burroughes & Watts Soho Square headquarters in September, 1922, when Arthur Peall beat Joe Brady 34 frames to 14. The Burroughes & Watts reputation continued into the 1950's and early '60's through now household names such as Ray Reardon, Cliff Wilson, Joe and Fred Davis, Gary Owen and Rex Williams.

John Roberts JnrSnooker LegendsJoe DavisAlex HigginsSteve DavisStephen HendryRonnie O’SullivanMarco Fu


Lying dormant for nearly 20 years, the Burroughes & Watts name and tradition was resurrected in 1986 and restored to its former prominance over the next 25 years up to the present time. Through reviving traditional skills, craftsmanship and the use of only the finest quality materials, the Burroughes & Watts® name has since returned to the forefront and is once more enjoying world-wide recognition for the quality of its products in all cue sports disciplines.


The Burroughes & Watts® reputation for producing top quality products has grown considerably in recent years.

Burroughes & Watts® cues are now favoured by an increasing number of the game's top professional players of both disciplines, including several World Champions, who demand uncompromising quality from their cues together with many top amateurs and enthusiasts who recognise that a naturally balanced and well weighted cue enhances their cueing action and all round competition performance.

Burroughes & Watts® is delighted to have worked with the English Pool Association and the World 8 Ball Pool Federation in the development of the game as an internationally important sport. For several years, Burroughes & Watts®, through its sponsorship of the World Junior 8 Ball Championships, has been at the forefront of the encouragement and development of some of today’s most exciting young talent from all over the world.

In recent years, through experience gained in working with top female players including World Champions Kelly Fisher, Sue Thompson and Lisa Quick, Burroughes & Watts® has also developed a special expertise in making cues for lady players. As more and more ladies are becoming increasingly serious about cue sports, the enormous benefits of playing with a top quality, hand-made cue are becoming clear to them.

For a more detailed history of Burroughes & Watts®, please see our Heritage Section

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